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We supply good quality used Forklift trucks in Denbighshire England and exporting them world wide, we have a pretty good idea of what used forklifts sell the most which is why we can see what the top 10 forklifts are.

The reality is that all forklifts are good in their own way and benefit the user it is clear that certain forklifts are more popular than others. This may be because of brand loyalty. It may be because of the way the unit feels when using it. Whatever the reason, we always keep up with trends and ensure our customers can purchase the top lift trucks available in Denbighshire Wales.
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At the same time, we also have a keen eye when it comes to recognising what the best units are to ensure that we are stocking units that are genuinely good for our customers, rather than the most popular purely based on demand.

Top 10 forklifts brands. These are not ranked from one to ten but are rather a list of the top 10 available to buy from Plantmaster UK. Read this before buying a used / secondhand forklift


The JCB Teletruk has been an extremely popular unit for many years and serves anyone that works in the agricultural or industrial sector. It can lift extremely heavy weights compared to other forklifts which makes it the ideal option for construction and farming. It also has heavy-duty tyres for rough terrain.


One of the top lift trucks that regularly sells to warehouses and construction sites is the Hyster. We find that the LPG Hyster forklifts offer users the added benefit of quick fuelling compare to electric units. Whilst electric forklifts have their benefits, LPG and gas do remain popular for businesses.


Caterpillar forklifts are an extremely versatile forklift that have proven to be popular across a wide range of applications. We highly recommend the 3-wheel electric units for warehouse application.


Linde are extremely good at manufacturing reach trucks and order pickers. Whilst it might seem inappropriate to put order pickers in a blog about the top 10 forklifts, they are still extremely robust and are an essential form of material handling equipment for many businesses.


Still is an extremely popular brand for forklifts. They are reasonably priced and have great functionality and specifications that make them comfortable to operate. It is due to their affordability that we consider them a top 10 forklift.


Boss offers a diverse range of forklifts including heavy duty 4x4 forklifts. They are great for warehouses that have heavy equipment to move such as large industrial pallets.


Bindy forklifts are the ideal solution for warehouses with narrow aisles. They allow the driver to load / unload from the side. As they are an articulated unit, the front is movable, which is a huge advantage compared to alternative options.


Jungheinrich, Bendi and Combi. We always aim to stock these popular forklifts. When buying from Plantmaster UK you will benefit from our years of experience. We are always available to offer advice and have a reputation for our highly competitive prices.